All staff working within the health and social care sector. Mistakes, errors and incidents happen; it is part of life, but what is essential is that these mistakes or omissions are not repeated. Organisations that don’t take these seriously and learn from them so as not to repeat are performing inadequately. this not only has serious implications for the organisations, but ultimately endanger lives.


In order to be effective and strive for excellence, we need to be aware when mistakes, errors and omissions occur. After that we need to ensure that we analyse what caused the problem. Once we establish this cause, we can then set about training those involved so that lessons are learned to avoid repeating the events leading to the issue. Root cause analysis can be used to achieve this. Organisations need to assess the impact and the consequences of the issue which they are facing. This should be an ongoing cycle. This is being effective. A key question to ask oneself is this ‘now that I have highlighted an issue, how can I ensure that this is not repeated’?


By the end of this course, delegates will be able to understand:

  • Organisational approaches to mistakes, errors and omissions
  • The importance of fact finding
  • Root cause analysis to discover causes of a problem
  • Impacts and consequences of problems
  • Retraining and capability decisions


  • Common mistakes, errors, omissions and incidents in social care
  • Case studies of impact and consequences
  • Root cause analysis application for lessons learned
  • Reflective supervisions
  • How to reframe for positive outcomes


This practical 1/2 day course teaches delegates what an impact and consequence / lessons learned approach yields when consistently applied to a problem an organisation encounters. Mistakes happen in life all the time, everybody understands this, but upholding duty of candour; being open and honest about these mistakes is fundamental, coupled with learning from them to not repeat. If organisations do not demonstrate that they learn from incidents so as not to repeat, they are by definition inadequate in their effectiveness. This course teaches providers how to effectively learn and develop into being highly effective in a consistent manner.

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