Managing Behaviours that Challenge is a person-centred approach and is used to be described as ‘problem behaviour’ or ‘difficult behaviour’ or ‘socially unacceptable behaviour’. But in recent years, the term managing behaviours that challenge reflects the fact that some of the behaviours challenge workers, carers and parents. There is always a reason for behaviours which challenge, and in many cases it’s a way for a person to control what is going on around them and be understood. It is vital that health and social care workers have the right knowledge and skills to support these individuals.


  • Understanding the terminology around behaviour
  • Leaning about the range of behaviours
  • Understand the reasons for behaviours
  • Applying positive behaviour support and person centred approaches
  • Further support


This is a 1/2 day course which provides front line and management staff with the appropriate knowledge to understand what constitutes a behaviour which challenges. How this is cultrally specific and work through reasons for behaviours with appropriate actions that well informed staff can take to apply positive behavioural support through person centred strength based approaches.

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