all front line staff working within the health and social care sector, providing support and care to vulnerable adults or children.


Skills for Care 2015 introduced the mandate that all front line support and care staff must be trained in 15 care standards in order for them to be deemed fit to practice within their role. Once the 15 standards have been taught to a skilled level, all staff are issued with a care certificate. Our senior health care professional trainers are steeped in their knowledge of each key area and content is dynamic and up to date as new legislation and or ways of thinking and practice are developed. Completing the care certificate enables staff to gain the prerequisite knowledge needed in order to carry out their role effectively.


To equip front line support and care staff with the prerequisite knowledge to enable them to carry out their role with skill. completion of an assessment booklet matching to the care standards.


  • understand each of the 15 care standards:
    1. Understand your role
    2. Your personal development
    3. Duty of care
    4. Equality and diversity
    5. Work in a person centred way
    6. Communication
    7. Privacy and dignity
    8. Fluids and nutrition
    9. Awareness of mental health, dementia and learning disabilities
    10. Safeguarding adults
    11. Safeguarding children
    12. Basic life support
    13. Health and safety
    14. Handling information
    15. Infection prevention and control…….. Plus Medication awareness and safe handling, plus moving, handling and positioning, end of life with pressure care and handling behaviours which challenge can be included as required


Highly trained complaint staff inline with Skills for Care and CQC. Evidence of learning aligned to care standards, delivered and assessed by a health and social care expert. As the course is one full day in duration, this adds real value to your organisation in terms of staff being out of work. The intensive course is assessed throughout the day and organisations receive their staff assessment workbook, plus care certificate at the end of the day. Regent Training can then deliver the annual training before expiry date the following year, taking the hassle away from the organisation.

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